Weldment Drawing Issue

Okay here's the problem.
I've got a weldment comprising several cut-list items (bodies) and I've done
a drawing showing how all these sub-weldments go together to make the
completed part, I also want to do a drawing of the sub weldments as separate
entities to show them on their own. Now, I know I can do this using
"relative to model" views.. and I have done... but one of my sub-weldments
is cylindrical and there's no "face" to select the view orientation.
Anyone got a workaround? I guess I could cut a couple of tiiiiiny flat
surfaces onto it, but that seems a bit pants to me. Anyone got any
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George Maddever
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I draw a sketch in the drawing view and add a perp or parallel relation to the view. Then use this sketch line to create an Auxillary view
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