3-1/2" Side Grinder

Hi All
Does anyone still make a 3-1/2" Side Grinder? I've Googled till I'm
blue in the face & all I can find are 4-1/2" & die grinder & Dremell
size grinders.
Any suggestions as to where I can buy one, greatly appreciated, JD
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Look for angle grinder. I think Makita makes or made one.
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Bill McKee
Left or right side?
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On Mon, 30 Nov 2009 22:59:42 -0500, the infamous "Buerste" scrawled the following:
Blue or red?
-- Some days, it's not even worth chewing through the restraints.
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Larry Jaques
There are 4" angle grinders, 3" cutoff tools, both use oddball abrasive sizes that may not be readily available. Why the interest? For small stuff, I always use the smaller Dremel-style cutoff wheels in the various die grinders. The 4 1/2s fill most of the other needs and wheels and brushes are always available. Makita makes a small one that uses oddball threaded arbors. If you go too small, the wheel life is pretty short, too.
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I have a Dremel set, which I use all the time, but it's much to small for a lot of jobs. In the past (before I retired) I've used both 3-1/2 & 4-12" sized grinders (besides ~ 5" & 7" & 8" (I think) & the 3-1/2" is just the right size up from Dremmel, & 4-1/2" is too big for smaller jobs, however it's perfect for slightly heavier work. Sometimes a 4-1/2" is just too big & powerful to get into the right positions. I really amazed @ the way 3-1/2" ers have disappeared from the market. It's not that I'm not going to buy a 4-1/2"er, but first I want a 3-1/2".
Thank you
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