Converting Acad12 Dwg to Other formats

This is a really old version, but it's all I have. I don't have a printer
hooked up to this computer and need to transfer files to another W98SE.
Would appreciate hearing from the old-version gurus on how to print out a
drawing using another program.
I can save to file as PRN and that's as far as I can get.
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John Curtiss
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Download edrawings. It's free. You can't convert but you can print.
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John Curtiss wrote:
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If memory serves you can make PLT files that can be fed directly to an appropriate printer. You can also try making a PDF.
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Michael Bulatovich
Well, I tried a couple of suggested programs and some from and still no success.
Least time-consuming for me right now was just to paste together a bunch of screen captures. Not the best way but it got 'er done.
Still hope to hear other suggestions on an easier way to do it.
Thanks to all just the same.
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John Curtiss
Set up PC with same printer driver as on other machine. Print to FILE: Copy file to other machine. Send to printer with 'COPY DRAWING.PRN /B LPT1:' Please Note the /B . . .
Good Luck,
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I appreciate the help, Ivan, but you are dealing with one of those famous "dummies!" :OD I have no idea what driver I'm using and how to put it on the other machine!
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Guv BoB
What's the size of the files? Do you have floppy drive or CD writer on the 'old' machine?
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wrote in message news:H
Files are all under 1MB. Yes on the floppies.
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John Curtiss
I'll try to make this ez -
1. Go to 'start-settings-printers'
2. Check which printer has a check mark next to it - this is your default printer. (Lets say its an HP laserjet for argument's sake)
3. Right-click on the icon, and select 'Properties'
4. Select the 'Ports' Tab, and change the checked port to FILE:
5. Close.
6. Print your drawing to a file - it should end up as e.g. 'DRAWING.PRN'
7. On the other machine, ensure you have the same printer loaded as the default printer (Start-settings-printers)
8. Copy the drawing.prn file to a stiffy :-( (preferably a CD-ROM)
9. On other machine go to MS-DOS, change directory to the CD or stiffy, and
10. COPY DRAWING.PRN /B LPT1: Please Note the /B . . .
If the printer on the other machine is different, load the driver on the first machine with 'Start-settings-printers-add a printer', then print to FILE:
Hope this helps.
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Belated thanks, Ivan!!!!!!
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John Curtiss

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