converting .bak to .dwg

In AutoCAD 2005 how do you convert .bak to .dwg i have tried
changing text from .bak to .dwg but it does not work
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those "." can be darned hard to see. are you sure of your typing skills?
I only run 2000, but unless Autocad has changed all the rules, renaming file.bak to file.dwg should let you load the file. it used to be that when you saved the dwg was just renamed to bak.
unless the bak you are renaming was not an autocad backup file or unless the bak is corrupt too.....
which would be unfortunate.
good luck!
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try renaming the entire file.
joshua.bak to joshua01.dwg
if you already have a file called joshua.dwg, autocad won't let you rename joshua.bak to that file name because it would override the dwg.
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If you are renaming it in Windows Explorer, you need to be able to see the DWG extension. If you do not you need to change the setting for Windows Explorer to NOT hide the extension of known file types.
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Ian A. White

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