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"Richard Hawley" skrev i en meddelelse
Is it possible to save a line drawing (Not rendered) as a BMP file instead
> of a DWG one so the Line drawing and rendered images can be merged a two
> layers, one on top of the other, in a programme such as Paint Shop Pro? >
> Thanks
> Richard G Hawley
What's the highest , a woman screaming or the Eifel tower ;))
BMP is a row and collum description of each dot color on screen or print. DWG is
like a text saying "at point x,y,z there is the endpoint of a line having
another stored endpoint , replacing 2000 lines of BMP file with two compiled
lines in DWG format.
DWG is highly compressed written language descriptions of a 3D world , BMP is
the color of each dot in a screen buffer.
Btw is BMP the prefered raster format , a good choice ,but there is no way
around plotting the BMP you ask , ----- this is the way, you generate a BMP from
a DWG ; you plot the object to file or directly to a printerplotter.
The link at the bottom, show a rendering of an actural 3D assembly for the
buildings you se in the graphic, these are 3D objects not dots coloring a fancy
design, BMP and DWG is two very different things, ------------ just like this
is not the actural building.
formatting link

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Brilliant! I'll try that.
Thanks Richard
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Richard Hawley

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