exporting a dwg file as graphics image

This is probably really simple to do, but I haven't had it work right for me
yet. I am trying to export a pretty simple drawing as one of the graphics
type files. I have tried both export and plot to file. The files export, but
they are no longer full size. I have drawn some stencils up for painting and
I need the scale to remain full size, as well as the line quality to be
crisp. What I end up with is a file that shows my image as about 1/3 the
original size with very poor quality (jagged edges and unreadable text). I
need to end up with these files as jpg or gif files. I have all of the
graphics type software I need to convert from the AutoCAD export file types,
but I need the files I export to be of much better quality than what they
are coming out.
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The way I do it is to plot to .eps or .pdf (using Adobe Acrobat).
Then go into Photoshop and open the drawing. Flatten it, get the desired dpi, and save as .jpeg.
I know there are other drivers that will plot to .eps, but I'm not sure what they are off the top of my head. Before going out and getting Adobe Acrobat, if you don't have it, look up plotting to .eps online.
Good luck.
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Adam Weiss
Thanks for the reply guys. I don't have Acrobat, but I have Visio and that let me import my drawing at full scale and save it as a jpg. I then opened it in Photoshop and did the necessary cropping. It was very simple to do this way. I guess it just depends on which programs you have available.
Regards Chris
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Also try to set up a plotter in the printer wizzard for eplot. Have you tried dxfout then edit in photo shop?
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I set my colors to white background and then select all, and copy with CTRL-C. Then I open Microsoft Word and past it into the document. Viola, I have a graphic I can manipulate.
I have also gone to plot and published to the web. It then asks you where to save it as a JPG. Then you can do with it what you want. Looks rough though.
HTH John
Also try to set up a plotter in the printer wizzard for eplot. Have you tried dxfout then edit in photo shop?
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John W. Higgins
Well, that's the beauty of Acrobat verses a pure graphics format(re:.jpg) Translating to PDF for viewing almost eliminates "jagged edges and unreadable text". The current Acrobat 6.0 will directly "plot" an ACAD .dwg to .PDF and with a good choice of single-linefont(Simplex/Txt/Romans) it will plot(to a PDF file) down to a 1/32"(my eyes aren't what they used to be). Plus, the Reader is free from Adobe.
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