Missing .ctb file

Had this happen a few times... not sure why, but am kinda stuck now...
Have a drawing I need to plot in Autodesk Landdesktop 2006. When I go to
plot, all the .ctb plot files are GONE. None exist. They are there,
however in the plot file folder.
Opening another drawing will show the .ctb files in the plot layout table.
But not in the problem child.
I also tried using design center to import a layout from a known good file.
Didn't work.
Any ideas why mt .ctb's kepp disappearing?
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How many CTB/STB files are in that directory?
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R.K. McSwain
LDD is not showing any ctb files because the drawing you are working with is set up as a stb drawing. You need to run the convertpstyles command to convert it to a ctb.
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Chip Harper

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