Plot PMP File Error message

This is driving me nutz...
At work I use to have Autocad LT 2002. Now I've a full version of 2005.
But with many of my older drawing files, evertime I go to plot them I get the
following Error message:
" There was an error opening the file C:\PROGRAM FILES\AUTOCAD LT
2002\drv\SomeFileName.pmp. The PMP file has been set to None. "
My current Printer Description file path is correct and under my User name in
Documents and Settings - ...AutoCAD 2005\R16.1\enu\plotters\PMP Files
So how do I (if possible) get rid of this annoying message?
I've looked through XP Registry for the PMP file, but no joy.
Is this info buried in each DWG file?
Any thoughts appreciated.
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Mr. B
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Ahhh... never thought of that cause I never 'edited' a PC3 file. I'll try that!
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Mr. B

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