Autocad LT and Adobe

We are trying to create pdf files by converting Dwg files with Adobe
The Dwg files are generated with Autocad LT.
We can print each Dwg file from autocad to pdf format with Acrobat
But we are unable to create one (only) pdf files containing more than
one Dwg files.
The error message is something like ( sorry I translate the message
from french) :
"Can not find Autocad LT application."
Or More precisely :
" Can not find the source application associated with this file :
Is there a way to solve that ?
Thank you for your answer
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There is a function in AA to "Insert Pages" that does this. I make individual PDFs from cad, then open one and add to it, then Saveas.
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Michael Bulatovich
I think I do basically the same.
Print each sheet individually to pdf from Autocad, then in Acrobat combine them into a multi sheet file.
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