Print to vector-graphics File (.emf etc.) with AutoCAD2002

I have a technical drawing in AutoCAD2002 and I want to print it to a
vector-graphics file (so no tif or jpg). I need the file to insert it
into a powerpoint presentation, so the enhanced meta file would be very
Does anyone know how to do this?
Thanks in advance,
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Walter Müller
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Use Adobe Acrobat to create PDF file (set it up as a printer) or print to an EPS file. You can then open the new file in Illustrator. If you prefer CorelDraw, try creating a PLT file using the old 7585 format. Both programs will import DWG files directly but you don't have the option of turning layers on and off; it imports the whole shebang. From either of those programs you can export a WMF or EMF file for PowerPoint.
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Marc Clamage

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