Bad quality Plotting A0 drawings with shaded view

We are using SolidWorks 2001 Plus and are plotting on an HP DesingJet


When we plot A0 drawings with shaded Drawing views on it, the quality or resolution of the output of these views are very poor. This effect seems to be very obvious on models with diagonal lines or arcs. They are printed out with a kind of stair effect. We've already tried to update the driver but it doesn't seem to have an impact on the quality.

Has anyone an idea on how to improve this ?

Please help !

Do we need to buy extra software to get this done ?

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Olivier C
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Have you tried saving as TIFF with 300 or 600 DPI change the size to match A0 then print the massive Tiff that will result. It should have better quality. I haven't tried this with shaded views though.


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Corey Scheich

I use an ENCAD plotter and I get 3 mode settings DRAFT - NORMAL - ENHANCED in the plotter settings page, you may have similar options, the setting determins the number of passes between each movement of the paper or the amount the paper moves (or both) if you have check that it's not set to DRAFT.

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Kev Parkin


On the page setup tab within the print dialogue box, choose the high quality option. Shaded views will print much improved in quality. Without this option checked, the quality is draft-like. Note the spool size going to the printer will increase dramatically and therefore will take longer. We've actually had problems with areas of a drawing not printing out when the spool size gets to large. We can't determine if its a SolidWorks problem or whether its printer related, memory related, network related......


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Pete Yodis

If you have Photoworks you can render the image to a JPG file then "insert/ object" pick "Create from File". Insert JPG image into your drawing. (I have had to do this) If you do not have Photoworks you can try saving the image as a JPG then edit it in Photoshop or equivalent.

The shaded image quality hasn't improved with SW2004 even though it has a so called "High Quality" setting in the page setup dialog box.

This is VERY frustrating because the method that I describe above does NOT link the rendered image with the drawing - that is to say if any changes are made to the part you have to redo the entire process.

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Jacob Filek

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