very long plotting delay

Question about extremely long wait for a large format plot. E.g. 1+ hour.
This "format" isn't our norm e.g. large format, but for say a design review,
I need to spit out a plot but currently I need to do this hours, days before
I want a 1:1 plot of an assy from the assy window in HLR wireframe, color.
"D size plot size"
- Plotter model is a HP Designjet 1050C.
- Network is 100MB switched
- Workstations are all top of the line with XP pro
- All cad data is on Win2k servers
- Using SW 03 sp5.1 (same results on 2004 sp2.1)
- Plotting to a laser jet 8000 is "instant", basically no delay? Plotter is
a different story
- I am plotting from a SW assy window and not a drawing. I am in a top
view, hidden line displaying color (want the print in HLR color. E.g. use
component color in HLR/HLV option is selected from the View pull down)
- Assy is fairly large - about 2000 parts
Any thoughts, comments suggestions?
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Steve S
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When I need something like this I first print to a PDF file, then open the PDF in Adobe and send that image to the plotter, seems like less overhead on the systems that way.
2¢ Whit
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Alternately, plot to a file and then from CMD or COMMAND line
type filename.plt > LPT1 (or the appropriate plot port).
One might also want to assign a virtual LPT port to a network plotter
PDF could also be nice as noted, but creates an intermediate file & sometimes things get funky in pdf (at least for me OLE objects get a bit degraded sometimes - jaggy)
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Sean-Michael Adams

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