How to use Publish

I have not found a good, complete, step-by-step description of how to use Publish.

So I figured it out and wrote down the procedure.

Posting it because I had a good day today and feel like sharing the knowledge :)


The constraints are:

  1. Generally speaking, PUBLISH is for printing multiple SHEETS of multiple DRAWINGS at the touch of a button.
  2. When I say SHEET I mean the MODEL tab and/or the LAYOUT tab of a DRAWING. When I say DRAWING I mean file, like a DWG or a DXF file, or any compatible drawing format.
  3. Each SHEET must have only one area-to-print-the-extents-of on it. For example, if you have multiple drawings SIDE-BY-SIDE on one LAYOUT tab, you must divide them up into different tabs to use PUBLISH. If you don't want to divide them up, create a VIEW for each area-to-print first, and print them one at a time, instead of using PUBLISH, not quite as fast but still pretty quick.



Before using Publish, you must do a fairly complicated one-time two-step setup:

  1. Create a custom plot configuration file, which will reside here:. C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2005\R16.1\enu\plotters\YourPlotterName.pc3

  1. Create a drawing Template, whose sheet has its Layout Initialized to the custom plot configuration file above, and contains the Page Setup you will Import later. The Template will reside here: C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Local Settings\Application Data\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2005\R16.1\enu\Template\Plot_36_14.dwt

Once everything is setup, Publish works like a charm, printing 1 or 100 (don't know what the limit is) drawings at the touch of a button.

Optionally, make sure there are no unneeded .PC3 files in "C:\Documents and Settings\... ... ...\Application Data\Autodesk\AutoCAD




In this example, we're plotting to a 36" roll as a 36"x14" paper size.

  1. Create a custom plot configuration file

Open any DWG (or DXG, etc) file. File > Plot >

The Plot - Model popup window opens. Select a Plotter. If the Paper Size Not Found popup appears, select Use Default paper size (it doesn't matter, you'll customize it next anyway) Select Properties The Plotter Configuration Editor - YourPlotterName popup window opens. Device and Document Settings > Custom Properties >

The YourPlotterName on Properties popup window opens. Paper > Application Media Size > select Custom (... ...) Select the Media Sizes button width 36, height 14, Media Mapping 36" Roll > OK The Plotter Configuration Editor - YourPlotterName popup window reappears. Select OK. The Changes to a Printer Configuration File popup window appears. The pathname is in the form of C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2005\R16.1\enu\plotters\ Edit the filename, at the end of the pathname, to say something like this: YourPlotterName.pc3 Select Save Changes to the following file. Select OK. The Plot - Model popup window reappears. CHECK What to Plot > Extents CHECK Fit To Paper CHECK Center Plot Plot Style Table Pen > monochrome.ctb (there is a right-arrow in the lower left-hand side of the popup that opens up the More Options pane) Under Page Setup select Add. Name page setup name: Setup_36_14 Select Apply To Layout. Select Cancel.

  1. Create a drawing Template

Save file as a Drawing Template: File > Save As > Files of type > AutoCAD Drawing Template (*.dwt) Filename > Plot_36_14 File > Close

  1. Publish

Open the DXF file that contains the first sheet. File > Publish >

UNCHECK Layout Tab

  • (add sheets) Select Drawings > highlight every sheet except the first one > Select CTRL-A to highlight every sheet listed in the Publish Popup Window Page Setup > Import > Plot_36_14.dwt > select Import Imported Setup_36_14.dwt Remove unwanted sheets from list. Make sure sheet list sequence is top first, bottom last. Select the right-hand side button to Reverse Print Order. Select Publish
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I am glad I didn't get an opportunity to read that before using "publish". A mole hill has been made into a mountain. It ain't really difficult, at all.

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George P

You missed the "how to draw a line" epic?

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Michael Bulatovich

I really do wish there were a way to select different views.

My plan has 6 different exterior elevations. Normally I have 4 tabs, with 6 views on each tab, but to use publish and/or sheet sets, I'll need to convert all of that to 24 tabs for the elevations alone.

That is a pain.


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Your a good candidate to start blogging. Better page display and layout, easier to read and format, and good way to get found on the web by those doing search looking for information -- often leads to jobs I hear. Plus, you can filter out comments making fun of you ;-)

first, and print them one at a time, instead of using PUBLISH, not

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Since they went multiple-paperspace, the unnecessary built-in assumption has been one page per 'layout'. What is to be gained by segregating individual sheets is beyond me. The advantages of grouping them seem numerous and fairly obvious.

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Michael Bulatovich

Thanks, but I'm more of a content-person. Graphic design is not my shtick.

The reponder that mentioned the inability to Publish a View was right.

It is too bad one can't Publish multiple Views, we could really use a feature like that.

This week I had to print one Layout tab with 50 views in it and it was... quite irritatating.

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Gary Wachs

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