another beef on 2006

AutoCAD 2002 used to have a batch plot utility that worked like magic. you
could control the plotter and page layouts without actually having a page
setup in any of the drawings you wished to plot. Now we're relegated to this
new "publish" feature. You now have to create a page setup in at least one
of the drawings you wish to plot. Sometimes "publish" will print only the
first drawing on the list even though all of the drawings are highlighted.
You need to save the list to get it to work properly. I'll have a page setup
for my 11x17 plotter that works fine when I use the normal AutoCAD plot
command. When I use "publish" the drawings come out portrait instead of
landscape. Does anyone know an easy way to get this to work well without
creating all sorts of files all over the place for publish to refer to?
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Chuck Fluri
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