comparing drawings

is there a way for AutoCAD to do this?
I have 2 drawing, 2 different computers, same name.
one has 2000 kb one has 300 kb.
For the life of me I can't find a difference.
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audit & purge?
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There's an app which I have never used called Comparedwg @
formatting link
You could be seeing file sizes relating to the amount of invisible stuff in the file. Try purging both, and don't forget to delete those pesky Named Layer States. Search for a macro or lisp to delete them quickly if they turn out to be the problem.
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Michael Bulatovich
Check layer filters. delete any unused filters. Depending on version of acad you may have to delete them one at a time. Resave drawing. Compare size after removing. Also are they saved in same version of acad?
jojo wrote:
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