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I'm working in AutoCAD 2006, trying to use the PUBLISH option for batch
plotting. I would like to publish a set of layouts that vary in age from
very recent to as old as 15 years. The oldest layouts are setup in model
space ONLY.
I open up the first layout, which is a more recent one set up in paperspace,
originally created in AutoCAD 2004, and go into page setup. I set it up to
print as usual. I then save and exit page setup. Then I go into
file>publish. Everything looks OK, I see my drawing listed under Sheet
Name, the correct page setup is selected, and "No errors" is listed under
I hit the + sign to add drawings, and things start getting screwy... I make
sure both model tabs and layout tabs is checked under "Include when adding
sheets" and I select the other layouts I want to add. Once they show up, I
see all kinds of them have "Layout not initialized" shown under "Status". I
at first figured this was because some of the drawings were model space only
(because the paper space has never been accessed), but many (at least half)
of the drawings show this message for both Model space AND Layout1!!! When
I hit 'publish', obviously, those layouts that showed "not initialized" are
not printed. These are plant layouts, so I know that at some point every
one of these drawings has been printed.
I've already Googled the heck out of this, and cannot seem to find an
answer. Anybody else had this problem? I strongly suspect this has
something to do with the version these older drawings were created in, but I
can't believe there is just no way to address the problem. Hopefully, I'm
missing something easy???
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