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Hi everyone,I need a fix for something that I cant figure out this time, I need to know how to dislodge to solid 3D after being "Union" at, I have tried seParate command but it didnt work, if I Explode them they are mangled to pieces so all I need now is to know how to pull them apart, please help

Thanks Choong

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You can't undo a UNION if you've closed the drawing. Depending on the complexity of the piece, you'll have to create a negative shape and SUBTRACT one of them, or start over from scratch altogether. If anyone else knows of a secret formula to do otherwise, please share your knowledge.

Dr Fléau

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Dr Fleau

Thank you Dr Fleau, even thought no solution is found nevertheless any answer is a good samaritan's reply such as yours.


Choong Malaysia

Dr Fleau wrote:

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That is why AutoCAD solids are often referred to as "dumb solids", there is no history, except Undo before the file is closed.

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