after slice, how to separate parts

After slicing a solid, I end up with two parts that are separate from
each other but both highlight when either part is clicked on as they
are both considered one solid. Explode breaks both up into too many
elements. How do I separate them into separate entities?
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If you really use the slice command you will get two separate parts. If you use the subtract command and the result are two separate volumes, you can use the separate option of the solidedit command:
Command: _solidedit Solids editing automatic checking: SOLIDCHECK=1 Enter a solids editing option [Face/Edge/Body/Undo/eXit] : _body Enter a body editing option [Imprint/seParate solids/Shell/cLean/Check/Undo/eXit] : _separate Select a 3D solid: ...
But - the both volumes must not touch each other (and of course not overlap)
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Jürgen Palme
Thanks! I didn't realize the Solidedit command could be used in this way...
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