ARM: Review - AFV Club German 200L and 20L Fuel Cans

Kit Review: AFV Club 1/35 scale Kit No. AF35266; German 20L and 200L Fuel D
rums; 108 parts in light olive drab; price not known
Advantages: crisp, clean 200 liter barrels with proper pressed lettering an
d details; no major seams; triangular and rectangular fender cans and hand
pumps neatly done
Disadvantages: fuel pumps come without hoses (noted on directions)
Rating: Highly Recommended
One thing many of us need is something to either load cargo vehicles or to
use in a diorama to give it purpose. This set from AFV Club provides three
sprues from an earlier ?Special? kit, AF35S50 (Sd.Kfz. 251/3 Ausf. C f
rom 2009), but also adds a set of thin sheet to provide ?creases and wrin
kles? to give the 200 liter barrels some character.
Each 200 liter barrel comes with three large rings, two small joint rings,
and separate ends. The center ring has a slide-molded port in it for eithe
r using a screw bung or inserting the manual fuel pump. Can ends are emboss
ed with the details pressed into the originals.
The pumps come with a separate top screw bung and venting for the end of t
he barrel. The pump itself comes in four parts (body, side plate, operating
lever, and nozzle) but no hose material is provided. The modeler will need
to come up with his own tubing to use for the hose if he wants to show a f
ueling scene.

The 20 liter cans are the triangular type and come in four parts - base, t
op and ends.
The two 10 liter cans come in four parts - ends and sides, but the taller
of the two has a separate cap.
Of interest is the thin sticker that provides for wrinkles and creases to
show age in the barrels. This beats having them molded that way and permits
each one to present its own ?personality?.
Overall this is a handy kit for German or Allied modelers (as the Allies a
lso glommed onto any captured material of this type!) and should be popular
Thanks to Tony Chin for the review sample.
Cookie Sewell
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