ARM: Review - AFV Club 1/35 scale 6-Pounder Ammo

Kit Review: AFV Club 1/35 scale Accessory Set No. AF35174; 6 Pdr.
(57mm) Ammo; 20 turned brass parts; retail price unknown but estimated
at US$17.98
Advantages: beautifully done set of five different types of rounds
(four each)_
Disadvantages: unknown how useful this will be for the Churchill kit
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all modelers using British 6 Pdr guns or US
modelers with M1 guns
AFV Club is becoming the best source in modeling for turned brass
ammunition, and now offers this set for the British 6-pounder gun. The
set provides four each of five different types of rounds: AP-T, APCBC,
APC, APDS, and four empty casings. All are lovely and it really seems
a shame to have to paint them! (Note that no painting instructions are
The set is apparently to compliment the series of Churchill tanks
being released by AFV Club, but I am not sure how well they can be
seen if the modeler takes the time to do up an interior for them.
Still, they will be well received by anyone using any other British
vehicle with a 6-pounder such as the Crusader, Valentine or even a
towed gun.
Overall this is another nice accessory set from AFV Club but I do
wish they would provide at least minimal painting directions for them.
Thanks to Miin Herng Tsueng of Hobby Fan for the review sample.
Cookie Sewell
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