ARM: Review - AFV Club 1/35 scale Centurion Accessories

Kit Review: AFV Club 1/35 scale accessory sets:
Set AC35008; Mantlet Cover for Centurion (Type A); price unknown
Set AC35009; Mantlet Cover for Centurion (Type B); price unknown
Set AG35018; 20 Pdr. Gun Barrel (A Type) For Centurion; price unknown
Advantages: dress up AFV Club kits and permit customizing a kit to
match a specific prototype
Disadvantages: odd that one cover at least is not provided with the
base kits; some possible shape problems with the Type A Mantlet (see
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all Centurion fans
AFV Club has been a good company at providing customizing accessories
for their line of kits so that the more demanding modeler or somebody
simply wanting to match a specific prototype can find a 100% matching
accessory to use on a model. The three items listed here are the
newest items released and provide for different variants.
Anyone who has followed Centurions is aware of the fact that few of
them have ever been used without fitting the gun mantlet with a canvas
or plastic cloth cover, occasionally with "Metalastic" metal covers
fitted to them. But the majority of Centurions either came with a
basic canvas cover or a canvas cover cut away over the coaxial machine
gun mounting and fitted to a sealing ring and cover over the machine
gun. The former item is provided by AFV Club as their "Type A" mantlet
cover and is listed as suitable for the Mk 3, 5, 5/1, 6, 7 and 7/1
variants. The "Type B" is listed as for the Mk 6/2 and Mk 11, as well
as the Australian Mk 5/1 but photo evidence seems to indicate it could
be retrofitted to any Mk 5 and later tank.
Both mantlet covers are made out of vinyl and appear to require ACC
cement to attach them to the plastic turrets of the kits. There is a
bit of flash which will require a fresh Number 11 blade for removal
(another recommendation I have heard is to freeze in your refrigerator
freezer and then sand it, but as this vinyl is very thin I would
imagine it would "thaw" too quickly to work.)
The "Type A" one just mounts on the tank, but while it seems to match
the photos I have it does not seem to reflect the "bump" on the face
of the mantlet where the machine gun exits. However, the overall
effect is good and I don't think most modelers will quibble.
The "Type B" one, however, requires that both the outside perimeter
and the area around the coaxial machine gun opening be cemented to the
tank, and this may be a bit trickier. Getting a good seal will most
likely require thickened ACC and a lot of patience to get it sealed in
The barrel is the early model 20 pdr barrel without the bore
evacuator and with the heavy ring type counterweight at the muzzle.
AFV Club has even included rifling at the muzzle and a very nicely
done taper, with a square peg at the rear to mate up with the kit
Overall these three items are of use to Cent fans, and should permit
a good deal of customization and accurizing for anyone assembling a
"stud" of Centurions.
Thanks to Shirley Lin of Hobby Fan Trading for the review samples.
Cookie Sewell
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Thanks. Always wondered what that bit was? Previously assumed it was some form of flash hider.
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