ARM: Review - Hobby Fan 1/35 scale resin figure sets

Hobby Fan 1/35 scale resin figure sets:
No. HR581, 1/35 IDF Centurion Mk. 5 (Six Day War) Crew - 2 Figures;
13 parts in tan resin; price unknown
No. HR582, 1/35 U.S. M5A1 Tank Crew & Sandbags - 2 Figures; price
Advantages: crew figures designed to match up with new AFV Club kits;
well sculpted and easy to assemble
Disadvantages: minor cleanup of pour blocks
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for the specific nations given
Some modelers may not realize it but Hobby Fan Trading Company of
Taiwan (ROC) is the holding company and parent of both Hobby Fan 1/72
and 1/35 scale resin products, AFV Club 1/48 and 1/35 scale plastic
model kits and accessories, and the current holder of the Skybow 1/35
scale plastic kit molds. (Skybow originally broke away from AFV Club
but was later reabsorbed.)
As such, Hobby Fan (the model branch) is very good about creating
detail sets and figure sets in resin to compliment their AFV Club
plastic kit line. The two sets listed above are designed to compliment
two recent releases, the M5A1 Light Tank (AFV Club Kit No. 35105) and
the 1967 IDF Sho't Centurion Mk 5/1 (AFV Club Kit No. 35122).
Each set comes with the individual figures packed in their own zip-
lock bags inside a larger zip-lock bag and that is packed inside a
coil of bubble wrap in a sturdy cardboard box, so breakage should not
be a problem.
The IDF figures are in the last of their purchased and borrowed
uniforms, and consist of a tank command and an infantryman. The tank
commander comes in four pieces and builds up to a figure designed to
fit in the commander's cupola of the tank. He comes with the WWII
style US Army tanker's helmet and is relatively relaxed. The infantry
comes in nine parts and builds into a figure with his rifle, a Galil,
at the ready. Both figures are cleanly sculpted and while large the
pour blocks and parts are designed to make separation relatively
The American figures, a tank commander and an infantryman, are firing
at either an aerial target or something on the higher floors of a
building. The tank commander figure consists of four parts and is
kneeling on the roof of the M5A1 while using the .30 caliber Browning
to fire on his target; the position does look a bit awkward but from
what I recall is based on some photos of contemporary troops in
action. The infantryman consists of six parts and is kneeling on the
ground to elevate his weapon, an M1A1 Thompson submachine gun. Also
included in this kit is an applique armor set of sandbags, logs and a
canvas tarpaulin roll for the glacis of the M5A1. The figures both
have pour blocks which as noted are easy to remove, but the applique
has a much larger and thicker one and cleanup will take a bit longer.
From the back it is designed to drop fit on the AFV Club kit.
Overall these are nice accessory sets, perfectly matched to their
original kits and worthy of consideration.
Thanks to Shirley Lin of Hobby Fan Trading for the review samples.
Cookie Sewell
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It's not that bad a mistake, they could issue another set of figures for the Yom Kippur war and include the Galil in that.
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I always loved the fact that the Galil has a built-in bottle opener. What a thoughtful touch for the infantryman. :-D
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Pat Flannery
That was to stop them from using the feed lips on a magazine to remove bottle tops!
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