ARM: Review - DML 1/35 British Premium Figure Sets with Welbikes

Kit Review: DML 1/35 scale =9139-=9145 Series Premium Edition British
Figure Sets
Kit No. 6585; Red Devils w/Welbike and Drop Tube Container Arnhem
1944; 113 parts (98 in grey styrene, 15 etched brass); estimated price
about US$16-19
Kit No. 6586; 2nd SAS Regiment w/Welbike and Drop Tube Container
France 1944; 112 parts (97 in grey styrene, 15 etched brass);
estimated price about US$16-19
Advantages: very nicely molded Welbike and drop container with etched
brass details; nicely done figure sets, with Commonwealth figures
always at a premium
Disadvantages: =93Gen1" weapons; DML playing =93dirty pool=94 by only
providing ONE Welbike option per kit!
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for Commonwealth and Airborne Forces fans
Every major country formed airborne forces for the Second World War =96
the USSR, Germany, Britain and the US. But as these were light
infantry whose only great advantage was mobility, they either needed
specialized weapons which could drop with them or glider-borne support
vehicles and systems. While the gliders were capable of carrying
standard weapons like jeeps and light antitank guns up to 57mm
caliber, the same was not true of the C-47 (Dakota) transports which
were the primary carrier for US and UK airborne troops. Both countries
developed small courier motorcycles which could be air-dropped for
forces once on the ground, with the US creating a Cushman and the UK
the Welbike.
These were basically semi-rear area machines as they were only
marginally capable of off-road performance, but would speed up
communications where radio was either not available (or as at Arnhem
inoperable for most of the operation).
Recently the humble Welbike has now come to the attention of model
companies, and this is the second effort to reach the market. DML has
provided a 34 piece version of the little bike and a 16 piece drop
container to go with it in each of two of the older figure sets, No.
6023 =93Red Devils=94 and No. 6199 2nd SAS Regiment. The bikes are little
gems with the engine alone consisting of 10 parts and the bike
offering an option of either a styrene or brass chain and rear gear
set. The spokes are plastic but among the finest moldings I have seen
(and three dimensional) so only the purist would want to replace them
with brass.
But =96 DML pulled a fast on the modeler. The =93F=94 sprue with the
Welbike comes with two =93ears=94 =96 a left and right =96 and they =93gate=
them on each kit. 6585 comes with the left =93ear=94 which is the set of
parts for the Welbike in operating condition with the handlebars
raised and unfolded; 6586 has the right =93ear=94 with the parts for the
Welbike in folded condition. In other words, you do not get an option
with either kit and will have to get both of them to get a choice!
Beyond that, the figure sets remain excellent. Both are based on Ron
Volstad artwork, but the internal directions are unfortunately the
=93stick here=94 variety and not the Volstad ones with the figures showing
specific painting instructions. Both sets are in jump smocks with the
1st Airborne in airborne helmets and the 2nd SAS in berets. All
figures are in semi-action poses but the arms provide for the standing
figure in the 1st Airborne set and the kneeling figure in the SAS set
to be holding or working on the Welbike with the optional set of arms
(which come with jump smock sleeves).
Overall these are nice little kits and the Welbike is a jewel, but it
would have been nicer if DML gave the modeler the option of open or
Thanks to Freddie Leung for the review sets.
Cookie Sewell
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World War =96
Hi Cookie and thanks for the review. I especially appreciate the heads- up regarding the Welbike lack of options. Fortunately for me the kit where the bike can be built as in use is the Red Devils and those are the troops I could use the most. I agree tat Dragon has pulled a fast one on modellers with these two kits. Or is t a money grab? Amyway you cut it at least we now have a Welbike in styrene in 1/35 scale/
These Welbiikes will go very nice with the 1/35 scale GLIDER and C-47 kits complete with Flight Crews that Masterbox currently has in development. It should not be too long before they are released. Can you imagine the dioramas possible by combining these kits with these kits combined?
Cheers from Peter
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Master Gunner
nd World War =96
jewel, but it
See my post to your announcement of the C-47 and Horsa!
Cookie Sewell
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World War =96
Hey there Cookie.
Thinking further about these kits and whether to get them leads me to ask you yet another question. Where are the PE parts used in these kits? FWIW, I *HATE* PE parts.
Cheers from Peter
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Master Gunner
nd World War =96
jewel, but it
The PE parts in this kit are pretty much optional other than the trim for the drop container. Nice of them to keep it that way!
Cookie Sewell
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cond World War =96
sprue with the
re based on Ron
a jewel, but it
Hi there Cookie.
Thanks for the info regarding the PE parts on these kits. I'm glad to hear that most of the PE parts are optional and I agree it was nice of them to make it that way. Now everyone likes PE parts.
Cheers from Peter
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Master Gunner

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