ARM: Review - ICM 1/35 Scale figure set - "May 1945"

Kit Review: ICM 1/35 Scale Kit no. 35541; "May 1945"; 54 parts in
grey styrene; retail price US $8.98
Advantages: very well done and casual Soviet figures will complement
late production model tanks (e.g. IS-2 or T-34-85); comes with an
Disadvantages: comes with an accordion!
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all Soviet "Great Patriotic War" Fans
Many times, it's hard when composing a diorama or vignette to get
the casual look that makes the scene work. This isn't a problem if
you are handy with modifying figures or scratchbuilding figures, but
it's tough for many modelers to get the figures to look "right."
DML has thus far dominated in getting good figures to the market, and
quite often eastern European ones tend to be stodgy, stumpy or just
plain clumsy in appearance. Therefore this new kit from ICM was a major
surprise, as these are some of the nicest figures that I've seen
coming out of the former USSR.
Offered by ICM from Ukraine, the kit offers four very nicely sculpted
figures after the great victory who are taking some time to relax. The
kit comes with an officer, a female medical orderly ("medsestra"),
a casualty with a freshly dressed wound, and another soldier seated in
a chair with an accordion.
Yes, accordion! While many Americans are annoyed with this instrument
and tend to denigrate it, it is very popular with Russians and probably
ranks up with guitars and balalaikas for most popular folk instrument.
(It should be noted that the most extreme reaction I ever saw in the US
was a bumper sticker on a car that read, "Pro-Accordion - and I
The accordion player is seated in a very nicely done five-part chair
that appears to be a side chair from a dining table in Berlin. He is
very casual, with the four-piece instrument in his lap and his quilted
jacket open and slung over his shoulders. His companion is standing
with his left hand bandaged, still wearing his quilted jacket. Both
come with kit bags and PPS submachine guns.
The officer is standing with his medals displayed and carrying what
appears to be a map case. He is armed with a pistol and has his arm
around the medical orderly. The medical orderly is wearing a skirt and
also the officer's greatcoat is draped over her shoulders; she
apparently has a cup of tea as well. A medical kit bag is provided and
shown displayed at her feet.
While each figure consists of six basic parts - legs, torso, arms
and head - there are small details that add to each one. That
enhances some of the best molding that I have seen in a while, and as
noted something not usually seen from the east. Each face has a great
deal of personality in it and all are very clean with a minimum of mold
partition lines.
Overall this is a great set of figures and complements many other sets
from other companies. ICM is to be congratulated for doing a great job,
and hopefully can continue at this level.
Note that ICM kits in the US are now distributed by Dragon Models USA.
Cookie Sewell
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