ARM: Review - ICM 1/35 scale Soviet Staff Officers 1943-1945

Kit Review: ICM 1/35 scale Kit No. 35612; Soviet Staff Personnel 1943-1945;=
36 parts in tan styrene; retail price US$13.99
Advantages: provides more higher ranking late war Soviet officer options; o=
ffer of a forthcoming GAZ-M1 or other staff vehicles will provide a nice ba=
ckdrop for these figures
Disadvantages: no major items noted
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all Soviet WWII fans
ICM has filled it a lot of niches with its 1/48 and 1/35 scale figures, an=
d this set is no exception. The set provides two Soviet general officers, a=
n aide and a driver as a set which can be used to offset a staff vehicle or=
giving orders to tankers in a diorama.=20
Each figure consists of seven parts =96 head, torso, coat skirt, arms and =
legs (one has his arms folded together for only six). The senior officers a=
re provided with two piece caps (headband/bill and top) for better definiti=
on and the =93soft=94 look of the WWII officers=92 caps. The driver =96 =93=
shofer=94 in Russian - has a =93pilotka=94 side cap.
Molding is excellent and the ranks are quite discernable =96 the senior ma=
n is a lieutenant-general (two stars) with a major-general (one star) talki=
ng to him and a major (one star) as his aide. The driver is a sergeant (thr=
ee stripes). The major-general has three awards of the Order of the Red Ban=
ner and the lieutenant-general has two awards of the Gold Star Medal of a H=
ero of the Soviet Union; all four are wearing =93Guards=94 badges on their =
right breast.=20
The major-general is holding an open Soviet officer=92s map case and is po=
inting with a pencil; his senior has his hands behind his back, and the aid=
e is searching for a document in his map case. The driver leans nonchalantl=
y against a staff car (which in the box art looks more like a captured Germ=
an sedan than a Russian one).=20
Assembly and painting directions are in black and white, but the box art i=
s suitable for a guide and color directions are provided for Testors Model =
Master colors.=20
Overall this is a nicely done set and will look good next to any command v=
ehicle of the period =96 a jeep, GAZ-67B, GAZ-M1, captured German staff car=
, White M3A1 Scout Car, or even a tank.=20
Cookie Sewell
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