ARM: Review - Miniart 1/35 scale U. S. Tank Crew

Kit Review: Miniart 1/35 scale Kit No. 35126; U. S. Tank Crew; 58 parts in =
grey styrene; retail price US$23.00
Advantages: finally another American armor crew set in styrene!=20
Disadvantages: none noted
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all US WWII and Korea armor fans
I have personally been very frustrated for a number of years by DML and th=
eir lack of breadth on figures. They have produced but one US tank crew fig=
ure set out of over a hundred sets but literally dozens and dozens of Germa=
n figures, a few Soviet sets, and a handful of Commonwealth ones. With the =
popularity of American armored vehicles with modelers, this is a shame.=20
Thankfully Miniart has now started to step up with other than German tank =
crews, and this nice new set of American tankers in European garb is greatl=
y appreciated.=20
The set contains five figures: three seated figures (C, D and E), one stan=
ding with his foot on a object inside the tank (B), and one leaning out of =
a hatch (A). All are wearing the basic HBT combat uniform with shoes and le=
ggings, and two of the figures (the two standing) are wearing tankers=92 ja=
ckets. Four of the figures are provided with goggles, two with shoulder hol=
sters and one with a sidearm holster.=20
Each figure consists of the usual six basic parts =96 head, torso, arms an=
d legs (the =93leaner=94 has both of his arms together for only five) with =
a four-piece tanker=92s helmet consisting of crown, neck flap and ear flaps=
Artwork is by Miniart=92s resident artist, D. Karashik (I think). Painting=
directions are of the =93stick here and use this color=94 type once used b=
y DML, and color matches are provided for Testors Model Master, Tamiya, Hum=
brol, Revell, Gunze Sangyo Mr. Color, Life Color, and also English and Russ=
ian color titles.=20
Overall this is a great set which will offer a wider possibility to modele=
rs using styrene figures. It=92s just a shame DML has ceded the field to ot=
her companies.=20
Cookie Sewell
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