ARM: Hero Models 1/35 scale US modern plastic jerry cans

Kit Review: Hero Model Kits 1/35 Modern Series Kit No. E35008; U.S. Jerry C
an and Plastic Tank; 44 parts in tan styrene; retail price US$9.95
Advantages: new mold kits of modern US water and fuel cans
Disadvantages: nothing major noted
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all US vehicles and dioramas post 1980
For many years the US Army used two types of five-gallon steel cans: a scr
ew-top model that was for fuel (a filler spout screwed into the opening) an
d a lined flip-top model for water (both potable and non-potable, usually n
oted by stenciling on the cans). But they were subject to damage or bending
as well as damage to the lids and as such could be a problem.
Starting in the early 1980s first the water cans and then the fuel cans we
re replaced by modern plastic ones made of heavy duty plastic. Both cans ha
d embossed on them what their purpose was for and as the first ones fielded
were for water there was not a problem with that. Those cans were black pl
astic, but once the US switched to the desert in 1990 they also now come mo
lded in sand tan. The fuel cans were introduced about the same time and com
e in either forest green or sand.
This is another new ?niche? company making accessories for
1/35 scale vehicles and dioramas, and this is one of their first eight off
erings. The others include 200 liter/55 gallon drums, German jerry cans, WW
II jerry cans, traffic barricades and cones, and a set of bricks. All are n
ew mold items with the water cans coming in three parts and the fuel cans i
n four.
Overall this is a nice way to bulk up your vehicles with water or fuel can
s even if a bit on the pricey side.
Cookie Sewell
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