1/35 Humvee interior color, 1991

Good afternoon. Just picked up the Hobbycraft Humvee special ops, its calling for overall sand inside and out, but if my thinking is right, during DS in

1991 the vehicles were oversprayed sand externally. Up to that time all the wheeled vehicles I had done servce with had been feild green inside. Same for the Humvee? I was never around the vehicle so I dont know that much about it, gathering my ressearch has done me litle good. If you know of a site with photos I would appreciate it. Thanks David Campbell
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D. Campbell
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You are correct, the interior for hardtop HMMWVs were forest green inside. No continuation of the NATO camouflage pattern like on soft top HMMWVs.

Vehicles started being manufactured in all tan in the mid to late 90s. I've got a couple of soft tops that have all items inside manufactured in desert tan, including the plastic parts and the canvas seats.

You can access some photos of these HMMWVs from my signature link.

Rob Gronovius Modern US armor at

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Rob Gronovius

Check out some of the photos of the Humvees used during ODS and you will find the good, the bad and the stock. Some were taken apart and totally painted, some painted sand externally, and some just had sand colored "inverted Vees" slapped on them prior to the start of the ground war.

You will need to be unit specific and photos would be invaluable.

Cookie Sewell

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Actually Rob, They are not Forest Green. The base coat is bronze green. Forest green was the old base color of the pre NATO scheme. Since I retired, I've gone back to work for TACOM. I have the specs and standards on my desk. :) Glen

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"GRBroman" wrote

Well, the MIL-SPECS you guys issued to to the contractors on how paint the buggers calls it Forest Green . . . In fact, I don't recall ever seeing the term "Bronze Green" in any of the CARC specs (MIL-C-46168, is one, IIRC, but there are new ones out). Forest Green is in there though.


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Kurt Laughlin

Kurt, Mea culpa, what I should have said was look at the FS numbers. The new green a different FS number than the old forest green and the colors are different. The original specs I have came from the conversion of the German colors (Bronzegrun) to the new US standard 3 color scheme. A very good example would be to paint a HMMWV forest green from Modelmaster - it won't look right. Paint it using Tamiya's NATO green and it will. As another useless bit of model trivia, the vehicles are all factory painted to the same pattern with a 2" allowable variation. Since the paint is CARC, and carinogenic in vapour form, crews are not allowed to order paint in anything larger than a pint can for touch ups and are not allowed to repaint thier vehicles.

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Yep. That's pretty useless.... All of the HumVees we got while I was in the Iowa National Guard arrived all green and the camo pattern was applied at the IANG paintshop. This applies to are entire battalion of shelter carriers we got around '90 and their replacements several years later.


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