File name when creating pdf files from Autocad 2002

Until recently I was creating PDF files from AutoCAD 14 using Acrobat
Distiller in Acrobat 4.0.
Now I am using AutoCAD 2002 and still use the same method with the same
version of Acrobat.
With AutoCAD 14 the pdf file name created had the same name as the original
AutoCAD file but with the extension pdf.
Now with AutoCAD 2002 I get "file name" Model (1).pdf .
Am I doing something wrong ?
How can I get rid of "Model (1)" that appears at the end of every file
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The 'Model' that you are referring to is because of the tabs at the bottom of AutoCAD. If you are using paper space, it would then read 'layout1', or layout2.. etc
You are not doing anything wrong. AutoCad 2000 was the first to have multi drawings in one ACAD session. The reason it is named model is because it has to differentiate between each view. For example:
If you had a drawing named myhouse.dwg, and you have tabs for layout1, layout2 (for front, and rear of house) then it would create a pdf for each.
Hope this helps Ryan
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Ryan Shaffer

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