Bluebeam PDF? - Increaseing Quality/Definition?

Ive been useing the "save as .PDF" option lately, I'm no expert on creating PDF's but seems that the this works very well, most of the time, However I'm strugling to get higher definition images of shaded views.

I prefer the In-built pdf creation over creating from printing to Adobe Acrobat as it uses the text and Vector graphics(I assume?), my tries with Adobe Acrobat seem to just create an image type pdf where the lines and boundaries are blurred? and the file sizes are a lot larger for the same apparent quality.

Now when I try and increase the quality with the in-built bluebeam, I often get a distorted image when a shaded view is included in the drawing, it appears compressed along the vertical!

Can anyone suggest how I can increase the qulaity/definition of the pdf output? from a SW Drawing & Without haveing to increase the Page size from A4 - A3 etc

Or just tell me where I'm going wrong!

-- SW2004



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I too have recently run into this same problem and was going to post this same question. It is like when there is shaded views on the sheet, and you have your print settings set to high quality, the PDF becomes squished vertically.

Anyone know what is going on here?

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Seth Renigar

if you look back through this group you will see a few people including myself have had problems with Bluebeam doing this, unfortunately nothing seems to get done about it.

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