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Given the traffic on PDF creation I thought I'd provide the following link to PC magazine's webpage:

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PC magazine did an article on the different PDF programs and provides a nice summary of features and costs.

This would provide a good reference to those who are thinking of purchasing such application (Some are free if you don't mind pop up adds).

The Bluebeam version that is supplied with SW is the lite version. As such it does not provide for a print distiller - which is what you would need to create PDF's of other documents. This is what the "full" version is for.

My complaint with Bluebeam is the lack of a released API. You cannot programatically launch bluebeam and alter its settings to get it to do what you want (like print security settings) turning on/off water marks, etc..

I've adopted PDF995 by default since DBWorks has built in functions to batch generate drawings from a project (I'm working on using their Omni format and Ultra PDF program to programatically "bundle" all my project files into one released PDF file (i.e. drawings, work instructions, tool list, drawing list, Data sheets, etc..). This way any changes are made in DBWorks and you just hit print again to generate the project documentation. I'm in the preliminary stages of this adventure - but mechworks (DBWorks) has all ready written a big chunk of code that I just need to modify. Not bad for a $39.95 Add-on to DBWorks.

DBworks also uses 995Zip which can zip up entire projects (parts, assembly, and drawings) without playing the reference folder game.

If I want to use Adobe or Bluebeam (or any other PDF program) I'd have to write additional code.

Let's see..... batch automation program, automatic word/excel conversion, binding, ..... and wait..........its free (if you like pop up adds).... tough choice......

My .02 cents worth.


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Len K. Mar
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Actually, I chose eDocPrinter PDF Pro after doing some testing with various alternatives. Find it at

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or at the danish developers site
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. The software is now up to version

6.05, and for the cheap price, it is simply outstanding. It contains plugins for Microsoft office programs, to make the creation of PDF files even easier, and the quality really is great. I have had no problems making drawings from Solidworks ever.

Best regards, Frederik Daniel Hjort B. Sc. Eng.

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Frederik Daniel Hjort

Lately, I have been trying Cute PDF Printer from here:

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It is 100% free with no ads and so far, I really like it!

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