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I've been trying different approaches to converting a SW drawing file with about 20 sheets into a PDF file:

1- Use the latest Acrobat PDF writer (as a printer) 2- Use Bluebeam PDF writer (as a printer) 3- Use "Save As" and choosing "PDF" [1] Failed miserably. Garbage out. [2] Ran. Didn't ask me for a filename or path. I searched the whole computer for the PDF file but couldn't find one. Don't know if it made one or saved it. It sure looked busy though. [2] Ran. Took a long time and made a PDF file. The trouble is that it is unreliable. Every time I run it there's a new error on a sheet. For example, the SW drawing file consists of about 20 11x17 inch sheets. Some are portrait and others landscape. "Save As" would randomly select a page and flip the orientation, cropping out big chunks of the drawing. I tried all options in the print dialog, including setting the orientation and zoom value for each and every page (what a pain). None made a difference.

The only option that remains is to save as PDF multiple times under different file names and then use Acrobat to edit the files, pick-off the good sheets and make a new PDF. Again, a huge pain.

Any ideas?



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SW2004 sp5:

So far, I have had satisfying results with the "save as PDF", but as a rule, I limit the number of sheet in a drw to 8. We split in 2 files if more. (Loading time, browsing...)

The irritating thing about it is that the printing format changes to portrait after using it. So I save the file just before, and close it after. Anyone has a cure for that, or am I doing something wrong?

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Jean Marc BRUN

Try Pdf995 from

formatting link
- its free as long as you don't mind the advert for itself, but that will disappear if you pay. When you download it make sure you also get PdfEdit995. I've been using it with no problems for some months - it was even able to create a PDF from something that caused an error in Adobe Acrobat V4.

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I have had success with this, but sometimes I find that the entire sheet is squished and stretched on the sheet ? big-old mess. But I found that the problem goes away if I have acrobat open, and print a second time. File size can get very big if you use shaded views and high quality settings. I then re-compress from acrobat.


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I'm not sure if it's exactly what you're after, but try this--PDFFactory:

formatting link

It sets up as another printer in your system. My experience is that it does an excellent job of creating pdf files--pdf output is exactly what I would see from the printer. The kicker for me is that it collects pages as you print, and creates a multi-page pdf.

If you try it, let me know what you think of it. Good luck,


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Brian Mears


As Brian has already said Check out PDFFactory. I bought PDFFactory Pro many years ago before Save As PDF or Bluebeam, and I've been very happy.


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I had this problem( but I only use 1 page per drawing file) and put in a SPR. Luckily I was able to overcome the issue with help from Solidworks'forum, comp.cad.solidworks, and the online API Help. It seems to occur when the page setups on the Solidworks drawing do not match the printer defaults. After you save as a pdf, the orientation and paper size revert to whatever the default settings are on the printer (e.g. an 11x17 landscape will revert to 8 1/2 x portrait and the current print will be the BlueBeam PDF). If you save as a pdf again these new settings will be reflected in the pdf file.

I have come up with 2 ways around this problem:

1=2E (limited ) I made a new "printer" on windows and set the defaults to the paper size and orientation most commonly used. We release our drawings on 11x17 for easy handling; therefore I made a new (IP) printer with these as defaults (its still the same physical printer). I had to make sure the printer for the drawing is set to this one before I save as a pdf. Everything works fine. You can incorporate this into your templates. 2=2E (advanced but unlimited, that I know of) I was using a macro to save as a certain filename using custom properties (search this group for great info from others about this). I had the macro take note of the settings for paper size, orientation, and scale to fit. I cannot recall if I had problems with the scale to fit, but I included it. Next I called the save as command. Finally I had the macro re-set the settings to the original ones. I have not had the problem since. Here is a sample from the macro.

'setup for pdf Dim psetup As PageSetup Dim orientation As Long Dim psize As Long Dim scalefit As Boolean

Set psetup =3D Part.PageSetup

'get page setup settings before pdf conversion

psize =3D psetup.PrinterPaperSize 'record papersize scalefit =3D psetup.ScaleToFit 'record scale to fit setting orientation =3D psetup.orientation 'record orientation

'save as pdf Debug.Print Part.SaveAs4(pathname + ".PDF", 0, 0, e, d)

' return to original settings psetup.ScaleToFit =3D scalefit psetup.PrinterPaperSize =3D psize psetup.orientation =3D orientation

I am working in SW2004 SP4.2. My macro passed testing in SW2005SP1.1

HTH=20 Kevin P. Kenny

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