Bluebeam pdf ?

Didn't read as closely as I should have when installing SW 2004, but
remember reading something about the Bluebeam pdf printer. Had the obviously
mistaken notion that it was a feature that came with the SW package.
I now have a Bluebeam printer installed on my system. There are Bluebeam
files in a Bluebeam folder in my Temp directory. There are Bluebeam files in
a Bluebeam folder in my Program Files directory. (I never had the print to
PDF button in SW, though.)
When I print to my Bluebeam printer nothing happens.
Was this a temp install that I missed my window on?
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It was designed that way. Sorry could not help that. It's messed up.
It's the same with my install and you can reinstall the addin by reinserting your cd and do a custom install. It should work after doing the custom install.
Personally, I do not use it either and most likely will never ever use it.
BTW, you edison quote makes me think.... glad he only wrote chalkware and not software.
.. ;^)
What-a-Tool wrote:
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Paul Salvador
My system is the same. However you can "save as PDF" and it works great. Dave
What-a-Tool wrote:
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Dave Rhodes
Just a question Paul. You say it was designed that way. Given the way SW finds out what EVERYBODY wants before impelementing it in SW I am surprised Bluebeam isn't better known.
It also astounds me that SW never put an hpgl driver in with SW. That has been asked for for years. The competition had it for years. Yet I though SW philosophy was to use Windows printer drivers and not concern themselves with printing at all.
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