SWX04 - Render to a PDF file ?

I know I can get to a JPG the size I want but there doesn't appear to be a
good option - short of a second step - to get the JOG into a PDF file. Or
is that a Blue Beam feature ?
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IDAssociates Inc.
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The version of BlueBeam included with SolidWorks will not allow you save a jpg file as a PDF. The full version of BlueBeam will.
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Rob Rodriguez
there are several non-Adobe sources of pdf file generators (Acrobat) out there that are substantially less expensive than the full Acrobat program. I believe they function similarly to a printer plug in (ie print the file and it saves it as a.pdf file.
I've not used Bluebeam (since I've had Acrobat on my machines). I've had better results saving as a Tiff file then printing the tif as a pdf. ymmv
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