2005 install without bluebeam

Does anyone know if I can install SW2005 without installing bluebeam and
if so how? I have acrobat and ghostcript for pdf generation, and don't
need or want bluebeam. Although bluebeam has SW specific functions that
the others don't, SW is not my only source for PDF data. Installing
bluebeam means I have to uninstall it and re-install my acrobat to make
it function correctly afterward.
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You can simply uninstall Bluebeam as a PDF printer after your SolidWorks installation.
How does Acrobat not work correctly afterward? I have Acrobat 6 Pro and have had no problems. Dont forget that if Bluebeam is taking over the .pdf file extension you can always reassociate it back to Acrobat using the Windows Explorer, File Types dialog.
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Jeff N
Is that why one of our machines had Acrobat all screwed up. I think I am going to run the coattails of this thread
How do you get BB to not be default in every FREAKING program when it doesn't even work for anything other than SW. (it isn't set as my default printer so don't get any ideas)
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Corey Scheich
Don't be too negative towards BB. I was like you up until recently. I had no use for BB. I had always used Adobe Acrobat in the past since that is what I had before BB was introduced. So I continued using AA because I already knew how to use it.
Recently I started playing with BB and have found that I prefer using it (within SW of course) better than AA. It is a lot faster and easier to use. It produces better quality .pdf's IMO. It puts the drawing headers and footers in the correct location where AA doesn't. And, the file sizes are smaller.
I still don't "need" BB. I can still use AA if I want to. But I will continue to use BB in SW as long as it is there. Try it yourself for a while. You may grow to like it better yourself.
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Seth Renigar
The difficulty I have is after BB is installed AA does not correctly recognize my winxp logon ID. Example, whenever I create a pdf I automatically view the output PDF and When I try to save said file to a network server, AA tell me the resource is not available. If I then save the file to my desktop it doesn't appear on my user desktop but some where else. Yet the next time I create a PDF and save from the viewer I can see the previous PDF on "whatever" desktop. If I uninstall BB and re-install AA all is well.
Jeff N wrote:
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