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We produce A4 size Autocad 2006 drawings for a client who then
sometimes prints them to pdf for distribution to his customers. We have
found a problem though - some (not all) of the drawings do not display
on screen clearly when they are printed to pdf at normal screen size.
If you zoom in, you can see the lines are all there and clear, but at
full size it looks like there are gaps in the lines and text missing.
If the same pdfs are printed on paper at A4 size, they're fine and
everything is present and correct.
Our customer uses Acrobat Distiller, we've been using PDF995. The
results appear to be the same from both.
I have studied the plot settings for 'good' and 'bad' drawings and
can't see any difference. I have tried increasing the resolution when
producing the pdf, but that makes no difference either.
Is there any solution to this? Any help gratefully received.
Wendy Parkinson
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I've used CutePDF for over a year (free version) and can print form A4 to F sizes with no problems.
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Dr Fleau
I use BlueBeam. I have not had the problems you are listing. It also exports to many other file type.
I like it enough that I pay for the subscription plan.
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C Hugo
I've been using pdf995.. advertising popups are a paing but it's been good in a pinch.
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Thanks for that.
We've since worked out that the files will display properly on computers running Acrobat 6, but not on Acrobat 7. And I was naive enough to think upgrades were supposed to improve things... :-)
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Thanks. I'll take a look at it.
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Yes, that's what I tried and I still got the same problem. We now know the files will display properly on a computer running Acrobat 6 but not on Acrobat 7! I think Adobe will be getting an email...
Thanks for replying.
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wendy13uk a écrit :
Use PDFCreator, it's a free pdf printer
French Autocad User
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