Saved Filters in Autocad 2005

Hello all,
I am currently doing a series of drawings which only take up to 2 hrs, most
only 45mins, so am doing lots of them.
At the end of each drawing, I try to run a filter to select the various
types of blocks. The problem is the saved filters keep disappearing, and
then mysteriously reappearing.
I generally start each drawing by doing a SaveAs from the previous drawing,
sometimes in the same folder and sometimes in either an existing or a new
folder. If I check to see if the filter is there, sometimes it is and
sometimes not. Sometimes when it is not, it can reappear later on!
I have set ACDCFG to point to the Autocad directory, but this doesn't seem
to have made any difference.
I am also having another problem, which may or may not be related. At the
completion of each drawing I do a pdf print using Acrobat pdf Writer as a
printer. Sometimes it wants to save the file in the previous folder and
automatically has the dwg file name as the pdf file name (which is what I
want), but about half the time it goes to the first folder I have added to
the support file search path and has *.pdf as the file name. This has no
relation to whether the dwg was saved in the same folder as the previous
Driving me crazy......
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