Autocad 2005 virtualization restrictions

We have a customer with a custom cad software based on Autocad 2005
(OEM edition I think, as they don't have the actual Autocad
installed). The customer doesn't want to upgrade this software (and
Autocad too) to the new 2008 version. The problem is that the software
house that developed the custom software state that Autocad 2005 and
their software is not gonna work on Windows Vista. I trust that this
is true, so we decided to install it on a virtualized version of
Windows XP. At this point they said that Autocad 2005 can't run over a
virtual machine for license restrictions. I have looked for this on
the internet but I can't find any useful information about this issue.
Is it true? Can I install Autocad 2005 on a virtualized Windows XP or
Thank you in advance for your help
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While Autodesk won't come out and say that it won't work, they do state right in the requirements for all their software what operating systems are supported. Virtual machines, terminal servers, and other remote desktops, including Windows Remote, have not been supported in the past and as far as I know still are not. If the AutoCAD seats are getting their license from a server the Virtual XP desktops will, in most cases, have difficulties with the license server. See this page:
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Daryl Stockton
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Sorry but this was not my question. I'm sure this product based on Autocad 2005 OEM do work with virtualization. I've tried it and as soon as I know it works wihout any issue. I was just asking if you know if there're some license restrictrion (law restrictions I mean) for which I can't run Autocad over a virtualized plaform.
Thank you again for your help
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