AutoCAD 2004 XP Compatability

I've seen a copy of AutoCAD 2004 for sale which is apparently legit inasmuch
as it's sealed, uregistered etc. but it says on the CD it comes on (which
looks like a light metallic blue effect) the following;
For Microsoft
Windows 98, Windows
Millennium Edition
Windows NT 4.0 (SP5 or better)
Windows 2000 Professional
Does anyone know if this is an OEM or bundled version and will it run on XP
but was untested at the time of CD printing, or perhaps may it need a patch
from Autodesk?
The only XP patches I can find on the Autodesk site are for earlier versions
of AutoCAD upto 2002
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XP was out long before AC 2004. It will run.
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You should have no problem running it on xp (at least i have had none). But, before handing over the money, i would check with autodesk if everything is on the up-and-up.
Take care, TimB
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Tim Badger
That's what I thought but this seller sells on eBay UK and advertises as an Autodesk reseller. He even uses the logo for it but when pushed, he told me he got the software from a software fair (whatever that is) so it casts a lot of doubt over his authorised reseller claim. It did look very genuine but the £100 price tag was a bit too nice. Was hoping he just didn't appreciate the value of the software. Beware everyone, there is a new breed of very high quality counterfeits starting to appear so if it looks too good to be true then it probably is. The only question you really need to ask the seller before buying is 'Can I register this with the software developer' and this will usually give it away. If they reply with 'I believe so' then take that as a no.
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