Transferring software (AutoCAD 12) from 98 to XP

Ok, it's time for me to upgrade. I am going to replace my old win 98
system with a new XP Home edition computer. I have been using this old
system for a long time, and I need to transfer some programs over to
the new XP system. The only thing I really care about is Autocad
version 12 for windows. I have been using it for a long time, I know
it like the back of my hand, and I love it. I do not like the newer
versions. I want to keep version 12. The only problem is that a few of
the original install floppies (remember those?) went bad.
I know there are programs / products out there that will transfer
programs from your old system to the new one, with some degree of
success. Which ones do you recommend? I would hate to buy something
and find out that it works with everything but autocad 12. Let be very
clear: this is the only software package I care about. Everything else
I can just reinstall.
Is there a faq somewhere that details doing this by hand? I am pretty
handy, but I don't know much about xp. I can place the new and old
computers on the same LAN to transfer the files.
Please give me some tips.
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Dr. Kenshalo
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Dr. Kenshalo
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AlohaBob's PC relocator is the only one that actually transfers software effectively. The rest only transfer data. A stripped down version will be part of Vista.
Dr. Kenshalo wrote:
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Jerry G
I used PCMover from Laplink to transfer about 200 applications and all my data onto my new machine. There was only applications that failed to be moved correctly were
* Outlook Express: It did something wrong with the copying of the address book, and OE refuses to display the emails it has received when its address book is corrupt [1].
Firefox. Firefox contains OS-specific code. A W98 Firefox won't run on XP, so no transfer program could possibly move it. However it does move all the files and settings so when you download an XP Firefox it still behaves the way you're used to.
The only bits of "data" that didn't come across from 98 to XP Home were:
* my dialup connectoids. I had to type them all in again, but I can't find where I wrote down the password for one of them.
those little files that let you run DOS commands. XP uses "Windows Command Prompt" files instead of whatever they were on W98.
[1] OE says that its data is corrupt "please re-instal", but you can't re-install OE. If you try to install OE it sees that it's already there and does nothing, and I can't find the uninstall option to remove OE first. But I hardly ever used OE anyway and can live without it.
It was a bit of a pain to get the thing to work. Somehow the UK distributor was passing out copies with the URL drivers missing. And the Laplink support guys aren't too hot. The first three times you email them you get answered by a trained monkey (or perhaps it's a simple AI system) that doesn't really read what you wrote but just spots a few keywords and sends a boilerplate reply, ignoring the fact that you just said that you tried all the things that are listed in the standard reply.
One drawback with PCMover is that it is all or nothing. You can't tell it to just move AutoCAD.
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Mike Williams
It looks like I need PC Relocator Ultra, for about $70. I just want to transfer this one app, not all the spyware and crap that is cloging up my old system.
I have no idea how the win 98 emulation mode in XP works. Can I activate it after I transfer autocad 12 over from the 98 machine with PC Relocator Ultra? Do I somehow turn it on before I use PC Relocator Ultra?
PS It looks like Microsoft bought out alohabob, there is not much on their website now.
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Dr. Kenshalo
Poorly. I have two older applications, a digital camera and a scanner that simply will not work at all under the emulation mode. So I have to keep my old Win 98 machine around just to use them until I break down and buy a new camera.
-- Dennis
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Best way is to use AlohaBob to copy/transfer to an external drive or to a networked file. Then transfer in from that file (gives you a clean file to use in case of a crash of either computer in the middle of the transfer and avoids corruption that might result in that case.) Use a custom transfer and select whatever data and programs you want to transfer. After installing, right click on a shortcut to cad and select properties, then click on compatibility tab. Once there you can select which version of Windows you want it to emulate.
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Jerry G
Hardware works poorly in emulation. 1) parallel port addons don't work. 2) Serial port devices are variable in performance. Software that doesn't directly address hardware seems to work fairly well...but some software that reads the hardware directly such as the mouse can be a problem.
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Jerry G

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