AutoCAD 12 on Win2000?

Anyone have any suggestions how to run ACad12 on Win 2000?
I know I could get a later version for Win2000 on ebay, but those are
still $50-100. If I can use what I have that's better for my situation.
I had Autocad 12 running on Win98SE and finally had to upgrade that PC.
Other software won't run on XP or higher, so could only upgrade to
Win2000. Now can't get Autocad to run.
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Guv Bob
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AutoCAD 12 ????? 1992 ?????
That's 22 years old !!!
Run it in DOS.
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David B
Yes, I know, I know.... but I just use it for fun and odd jobs around the house. Can't justify spending even $50 or more right now. It won't run in DOS either. I get "divide by zero or overflow error" in DOS or Win2000.
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Guv Bob
"Guv Bob" wrote in news:MpGdnWQgR6bTRN3OnZ2dnUVZ
Download nanoCAD or Draftsight. Free, registration required, but they don't hassle. Each has the basic AutoCAD command functions.
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Thanks, will give nanocad a try. I see it's 372MB.
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Guv Bob

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