Proe 2001 - wont run on Win XP

I'm the proud owner of Proe 2001 which I purchased in 2001, Foundation pack
(no surface module).
Unfortunately I can only run the progam on my Windows 2000 drive and not at
all on Windows XP which is pretty annoying to be honest.
Anyone out there had a similar problem, or ideally can you offer a solution?
Thanks in advance,
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Martin Rees
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I am running Pro/E 2001 and Wildfire 2.0 both on Win XP with no problems. They actually a lot better on XP then on 2000. Make sure that you have Win XP Professional and at least 1 gig of ram.
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Sounds like you have an old cut. If your support is up to date, mail PTC and ask for a cut which will work on XP
there are pirate patches available, but you'd be better off staying legit if your copy is legit.
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John Wade
Yes I do have an old cut John, it's the original which came with the first years subscription. I cannot afford the maintenance, so I guess I will have to look for this pirate patch.
Does it matter on which eye this patch is worn? . Hmm ;-]
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