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I have problems with running PRO/E 2001 on my laptop computer (Compaq Evo N620c).

Normally I can start PRO/E and work for some time (5 min, 15 min or maybee 1 hour), but suddenly PRO/E disapears. It is only PRO/E that stops, the rest of the programs continue to work properly .

I have been told that the problem has something to with the screendriver. Any suggestions to solve my problem???



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Steen Andreasen
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It could be something along those lines, but it could be a lot of things: it could be hardware that is inadequate to the task of running a high-powered, professional design suite (i.e., minimal memory, minimal graphics memory, weak hardware support for OpenGL [e.g., Radeon 7500], slow hard drive); it could be the way you use Pro/e, as if your laptop were a networked SGI graphics monster (rapid mouse movements, ripping through menus, keeping lots of windows open); it could be the operating system, one that's strong on DirectX for gaming, but does not offer OpenGL support, for example or just barely; it could be a config setting within Pro/e that pushes the software past limping hardware's endurance, exacerbated by being on a network and tripply sensitive when working in a linked session with Ilink.

All these can contribute to bogging/freezing/crashing while running Pro/e. But number one on the hit list is graphics and lack of hardware/driver support of OpenGL.

: Any suggestions to solve my problem???

Pro/e crashes abruptly, without warning or recourse. Seems to dump without a trace, but that's not exactly true. It deposits these little turds in working directory called STD.OUT and STD.ERR which record respectively, startup and configuration errors and exit errors. So, STD.ERR will say something like "Raising signal number: 0x000013". This is an error number which you can either post here for clarification or go to to investigate. If you find these deposits in your working directory after a crash, it is wise, and often informative re: the cause of the crash, to investigate.

As the configuration options settings are suspect, the effect of their changes from default settings can be easily investigated by renaming the file as config.bak or similar, thus, forcing Pro/e to work from hardcoded defaults. If this brings benefit or cure, this is your cue to investigate the settings for one, or a combination, that could cause the instability.

Change behavior patterns: open only one window at a time while using Pro/e; save and close before opening another. See if this ameliorates or cures and, if so, you are definitely bound, tightly bound, by the hardware's limitations.

Change the config option GRAPHICS to Win32_gdi, the default windows graphics system. It is more or less guaranteed that graphics performance will degrade, however, stability may be enhanced. If so, you need a graphics card which is better based, in hardware, on OpenGL as that is Pro/e's cross-platform graphics language: everyone, from FreeBSD to Linux to Windows XP, speaks OpenGL. If your GPU/driver combo do not do a very hot job of this, you are doomed. Spend the money to get, at least, a semi-professional setup. Your current one is doubtful.

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David Janes

Oooh. Thanks, David :)

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