problem with pro E and pro Mechanica integration

Hello. I seam to have a problem with running pro Mechanica from inside the pro E. Separately, they bouth work just fine, but when I try to star the mechanica from the pro E, pro E complains something about that it can't find mechanica.

I'm working with Wildifire 2.0, Datecode M150 on Windows.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thnks, Marko.

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Did you install them to the default directories?

The integration of Pro/M and Pro/E does NOT like spaces in the folder names of the loadpoints. Remove and reinstall in something like c:\ptc\proewildfire2 and c:\ptc\mechwildfire2.

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Ben Loosli

Run the ptcsetup.bat from the proewildfire2\bin folder, at the end of the configuration you can specify where mechanica is installed. Now it should work.

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