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I want to simulate motion of a object in pro/mechanica. The object is free to move in space without any constraints or ground linkages, like a projectile. Is it possible? I am new to pro/mechanica and donot have any idea if it is possible. If any of the users has attempted it anytime before then I request you to mail me a sample file. It will be of great help. Thank you.

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Dear Anand,

Pro/Mechanica Motion will do this kind of analysis. Motion only works with assemblies, so assemble your part into a analysis assembly (the assembly co-ordinate system acts as the inertial frame of reference.) To track the course of the object, place a 6DOF joint between your start point and the CG of the part. Apply forces (including gravity) and do an analysis run. If your part does a lot of spinning, then a 'free' joint would be better, however, a free joint doesn't have axes so you can't track rotations so easily.

Make sure that a compatible C compiler is installed and that Motion works by trying out a test piece before going too far on this project.

Good Luck!

Rod Giles Pro/Mechanica Users Group UK

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Rod Giles

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