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few years ago, for computing parts of an assembly one by one in Mechanica/Structural I did this :

- modeling assembly with Pro/E

- modeling junctions and loads with Motion

- run Motion

- transferring loads in Motion to Mechanica/Structural for the first part

- running Static analysis of first part with Mechanica/Structural

- ... and do the same for each part...

Is this still possible ?

As I have just a new licence of Pro/E wildfire fundation and nothing else, I would like to know what option I must have.

- Mechanica/Structural, of course but Which one (basic or advanced)

- BMX that I have is sufficient or must I add MDO (mechanism Dynamics Option)

And, is the method explained anywhere in help files of Pro/E or in the knowledge base or anywhere else on the web ?

Thanks, GB

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I'm pretty sure that as soon as you say you want dynamic loads, you need MDO.

I too struggle to discover when BMX is the tool of choice... I think that is for purely geometric optimizations. For example: if you wanted to get three different surfaces to have equal surface area you'd use BMX. But if you want a mechanism to have minimum force in some direction you'd use MDO. If you find an explanation let us know. I do believe that the example PTC uses (or used) for optimizing the cg of a crank shaft to be on the rotational center, can be done with MDO alone without BMX.


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