Translation problems with PRO/E

We are looking to translate file between Pro Engineering and SolidWorks
Version 2001 Plus to communicate with a new client. In receiving files, from
this client, in Pro/E format, SolidWorks would recongize them as long as the
proper add-on were activated. But in the translation, we received a message
stating the files were "encrypted". It directed us to download software
called PS-Exchange from In using the software to decrypt the
Pro/E file, you are required to pay a fee to Delcam for a voucher to use the
software. It is not a one time fee, but a fee for each decryption. Our
client insists that they did not activate an "encryption" option. Has anyone
ever encounter this problem? Does Pro/E encrypt file without the user being
able to change it? Is there a cost free way around this? Any help would be
appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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Michael Scheib
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Yep, ever since ProE 2001, ProE has encrypted their files. This is not an option. It was the sole decision of PTC to do such in order to limit ProE's compatibility with other 3rd party programs.
SWX had a decrypter of their own at one time, but it was yanked due to legal pressure from PTC.
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For now you are stuck with IGES or STEP out of Pro-E. This also gives a dumb solid. If the parts are very simplistic you could try the SWX add-in called Featureworks, I not sure of the price. Featureworks can sometimes can reconstruct a dumb solid with a feature tree
Mike Eckstein
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Michael Eckstein
If you can live with a different file type, then you can do it. And to ease the trouble of having them Pro/E folks "saveas" something else, you can install PTC's FREE, darn I say, CAD package, called Pro/Desktop Express. They have a FREE one available on their website (
formatting link
that can save if several formats that SW will read in with little or no problem....
Case anybody wondered...
Mr. Pickles
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Mr. Pickles

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