Autocad 12 on other PC

One of my customer has autocad r12 installed on old PC, it works fine but
the pc is obsolete and fails sometimes.
We are trying to install autocad on new pc with windows 98. The installation
go to end but when we launch application, autocad send an error message and
cannot find the security dispositif which is, i think, the key to plug on
parallel port. The dongle is in place, so i don't understand.
Has someone got the same problem and especially a solution ?
Thank you in advance.
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Eric Levasseur
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Is it the R12 for dos or R12 for windows your user had?
I think that R12 used the Phar Lap DOS extender to get more memory available and I don't know if that will conflict with the Win98 memory management.
I did get R12 for DOS installed on Win3.1 but I'm sure there was a file you hade to copy somewhere to get it to work properly.
Sorry if the answer is a bit sketchy but it was about 10 years ago.
Robert Aitken
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Thank you for this sketchy answer ;-) It's a graphical interface, I think it's for windows, but i'll ask the user (Here is MY sketchy answer !)
We tested by copying Hard disk with ghost on the new PC and we have the same result. Some fatal errors appears before it says it doesn't see the dongle.
May be i'll try to sell them the new version, i must convince this old user...
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Eric Levasseur
Hi Eric:
I have so many old hardwares (scanner, printer, hardware lock etc.) that does not work when I upgrade my computer and operating system. I found out that the solution was simple. I reconfigured the parallel port output signal from PS/2 to AT.
I hope this work for you too.
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