Running AutoCad 2006 on a Network

I would like to run AutoCad without installing it on my Notebook
because I don't have enough HD space there, by just clicking on the
acad.exe file on the server where it is installed, without going into
the hassles of Network Licensing managers and so forth. I run a lot of
programs this way I wonder whether anyone has done this before. I get
an error message indicating there is a system file missing. Does
anyone have a list of all the files which are installed in the system
directory during installation. Assuming that will be sufficient to
get the program running I would copy those files into my system
directory in the notebook and probably it may work.
Any other ideas are appreciated.
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AutoCAD will not work this way. If you purchased a stand alone version it will only work on the computer it is installed on, in this case your server. If you are running Windows XP on your PC and your server is a Win 2003 server you can use the Remote Connection tool to open the server desktop on your PC and use AutoCAD in the remote session. The Remote Connection tool may work with older Windows servers, but I only have experience with 2003 based servers.
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