Running from a server on a Gbit network

Does anyone have experience running Solidworks from a server on a Gbit
I am thinking of purchasing a server now that I have recently upgraded to
The server would have several SCSI drives raided together giving me lots of
storage and data redundancy.
Currently I run a P4 3GH with 2G ram and a 15000 rpm SCSI hard drive.
Does anyone know what type a speed I can get loading files across a Gbit
network compared to working local?
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We've been using a gig network for awhile now. It's allot faster than 100BT, but not as much as the numbers would imply. Of course, there are allot of variables, and these variables differ from network to network.
File loading is respectable, but there's no way you can expect it to compare to a 15,000 rpm SCSI local drive.
Most of the reasons "we" choose to run locally, under certain circumstances, have nothing to do with network speed.
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There was a fellow on the Solidworks forum that did something like this. He went under the moniker MonsterMax.
FlexusMark wrote:
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Why would you want to - share a license, or something? Running locally would always, I would think, be faster than transferring info across a network. Your local machine is a great one, depending on what you have for video, but that wouldn't change in the equation.
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Wayne Tiffany

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